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ifab 2014
2014 Nominations and Awards (Winners are shown BOLD)

Best Animated Film ifab Award:
Dick Figures (directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller)

Best Animated Short ifab Award:
Abschied (directed by Dominik Schmitt)
Fortunes: An Experimental Comedy (directed by Gregory Barth)
The Arctic Fox (directed by Annlin Chao)

Best Narrative Ultra Short (5 Minutes or shorter):
Si directed by Sara Glaoua
Maybe Another Time (directed by Khris Burton)
Actually (directed by Konstantinos Fragkoulis)
Kapi (directed by Burak Cilsal)

Best Narrative Short ifab Award:
One Night Only (directed by Che Grant)
Concrete/Night (directed by Noe Weil)
Hsu Jii - Behind the Screen (directed by Thomas Rio)
Killer Friend (directed by Kurt Husemöller)

Best Junior Performance ifab Award:
Fucking Tos (Rosalina Krøyer)
Passages (Joshua R.)

Best Actress ifab Award:
I Put A Hit On You (Sara Caning)
See You Next Tuesday (Eleanore Pienta)
Hi Wo Ochiro - When The Sun Falls (Yuka Takeshima)

Best Actor ifab Award:
I Put A Hit On You (Aaron Ashmore)
The Curse Of Edgar (Brian Cox)
The Hyperglot (Michael Levi Harris)

Best Cinematography ifab Award:
The Third Sister (Patrick McDevitt & Oliver Rush)
Gustav (Anders Brekke Jorgensen)
Mediation (Carlos Montaner)
The Journey (Giles Harvey, Niclas Löffler, Julia Matyschik, Alex Schmalz)

ifab Sponsor's Choice Award:
Into The Dark (directed by Lukas Hassel)
The Engineer (directed by Juan Luis Passarelli)

Best Screenplay ifab Award:
Hsu Jii - Behind the Screen (Thomas Rio)
See You Next Tuesday (Drew Tobia)
I Put A Hit On You (Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart)
The Curse of Edgar (Marc Dugain)

The best Comedy ifab Award:
Forget Me Not (directed by Michael Beddoes)
The Hyperglot (directed by Michael Urie)
I put A Hit On You directed by (Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart)
Tokyo Halloween Night (Mari Okada)

Best Short Documentary ifab Award:
Pit Trading 101 (directed by Jonathan Hoenig)
To Kill A Sparrow (directed by Zohreh Soleimani)
The Journey (directed by Torqil Jones & Julien Bertin)

Best Director ifab Award:
See You Next Tuesday (Drew Tobia)
Hsu Jii - Behind the Screen (Thomas Rio)
I Put A Hit On You (Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart)
The Curse of Edgar (Marc Dugain)

Best Documentary Feature ifab Award:
The Secret Ingredient (directed by Dror Shostak)
The Engineer (directed by Juan Luis Passarelli)
Momento (directed by Steffen Boseckert)
Water Time: (Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan directed by Allan Weisbecker)
With Love From Madagasgar (directed by Klara Harden, Karsten Pruehl)

Best Movie ifab Brandenburg Gate Award:
The Curse of Edgar (directed by Marc Dugain)
See You Next Tuesday (directed by Drew Tobia)
The Engineer (directed by Juan Luis Passarelli)
Dick Figures (directed by Ed Skudder, Zack Keller)
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Kurzfilmreel 1 - Shorts 1

Sad Monster (7 min. USA) , directed by Kurt Dettbarn
Bodies of Irreversible Detriment (25 min. USA) , dir. by Ben Lazarus
Forget Me Not (10 min. UK) , directed by Michael Beddoes
Mediation (14 min, USA) , directed by Francisco Lorite
Kapi (3 in. Turkey) , directed by Burak Cilsal (attending)
Jonathan's Chest (14 min.USA) , directed by Christopher Radcliff
Precipice (11 min. NZ) , directed by Emma Schranz
Family Ties (11 min. Lebanon) , directed by Rodrigue Hammal
Nark (15 min. UK) , directed by Gary Reich (attending)

Kurzfilmreel 2 - Shorts 2

Maybe Another Time (1 min. Martinque) , directed by Khris Burton
Alley Cats (8 min. UK) , directed by Ian Bonhote
Gustav (10 min. Norway) , directed by Yann Caloghiris
One Night Only (16 min. UK) , directed by Che Grant
Passages (China, Bermuda) , directed by Neysan Sobhani
Aus der Stille (16 min. D, UK) , directed by Lina Schuller
Chimerical (12 min. UK) , directed by Johnny Pickavance
Distanza (13 min. Italy) , directed by Luca Cococcetta
Into The Dark (14 min. USA) , directed by Lukas Hassel (attending)

Kurzfilmreel 3 - Shorts 3

Tamah (3 min. Turkey) , directed by Erhan Yuruk
Fucking Tøs (13. Denmark) , directed by Kira Richrds Hansen
Fortunes (3min. UK) , dir. by Gregory Barth
Tuesday (5 min. Switzerland, USA) , directed by Oscar Lalo
Gift (8 min. Singapore) , directed by Daniel Yam
Fire Horse (17 min. UK) , directed by Matt Bell
Concrete/Night (19 min. France) , directed by Noe Weil
Actually (6 min. Greece) , directed by Konstantinos Fragkoulis
Durandal (14 min. Spain) , directed by Juanma Romero Garriz
Tokyo Halloween Night (10 min. USA) , directed by Mari Okada
Head Tie (10 min. USA) , directed by Alan Weintraub (attending)

Doku Kurzfilmreel- Docu-Shorts

Beirut In Two Words (29 min. D) , directed by Anne Chahin
Light Spin (8 min. Canada) , directed by Eric Paré
The Journey (9 min. France) , directed by Torquil Jones
Soldier in Art: Arthur Szyk (10 min. USA) , directed by Jim Ruxin
To Kill a Sparrow (26 min. Afghanistan) , dir. by Zohreh Soleimani
Pit Trading 101 (22 min. USA) , dir. by Jonathan Hoenig (attending)