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The International Film Awards Berlin, the ifab was founded to promote and support the creation and distribution of quality independent filmmaking. Our mission is to recognize excellence and diversity in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for all people at all stages of their artistic careers. We celebrate the diverse cultural mixture that is Berlin, showcasing emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, religious, cultural and geographic perspective.

The ifab attempts to cultivate avenues and spaces for independent and student artists from all over the world to create and display their stories without commercial pressure, in affordable screening venues in order to discover and develop independent filmmaking and cinema-house culture.. The International Film Awards Berlin was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and support of independent cinema. Each year the Festival Board seeks diverse selection that will decorate unknown, talented filmmakers.

The International Film Awards Berlin culminates in the presentation of several awards, including the Grand Prize: the Brandenburg Gate Award. Our mission is to recognize excellence and diversity in cinema and to promote expression for filmmakers at all stages of their artistic careers. We celebrate the diverse cultural mixture that is Berlin, honoring emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, religious, cultural and geographic perspective.

ifab is a proud member of the Film ExChange.

ExChange is a multi-market screening network comprised of International film festivals.
Three films are selected by a panel from each of the ExChange Network Festivals and are programmed at RxSM in Austin, Texas USA and selected to compete for the prestigious Crossroads Award. The Crossroads Award is awarded to a filmmaker each year that shows unique style, exceptional craft, and the power to communicate their vision.

The winner of the Crossroads Award is announced at the Victoria Tx Independent Film Festival (VTXIFF), and awarded up to 5,000 US Dollars.


reactions to ifab
"The International Film Awards Berlin (ifab) is one of the few festivals geared specifically for the independent filmmaker. Where other festivals state they are independent and only include films with big budgets and known stars, ifab is a haven for the independent artist. The ifab in Berlin is a very exciting event with a strong focus on films, the art of storytelling and the filmmakers. The ifab could well be on its way to become a European Sundance."
Elizabeth Spear, Director, (LiTTLE GODS, The People You Know, Roundball) Austin, USA

"I've attended many festivals over the years, but none has given me the experience of ifab. It's organized by a group of people who are highly passionate about film and who extend a hand to filmmakers and guests who attend the festival. By the time you leave the festival, you have not only seen some amazing films, but have also met new friends and connections.
For example I met filmmaker Elizabeth Spear at
ifab and 5 months later after keeping in touch via email she had cast me in her new film she is directing with acclaimed director Steve Balderson. Had we not met and shared our films at ifab, I would not have this amazing opportunity."
Casey Chapman, Actor, (Mothers Milk), Chicago, USA

"At the ifab I made interesting new contacts, met nice people and saw lots of great movies from all over the world. Such a strong focus on independent feature films is really rare in Europe. The ifab is very special, wonderful, international experience!"
Sebastian Leitner, Director (Noseland), Vienna, Austria

My film Titanic Love was selected for IFAB 2013. I attended the festival with a colleague and travelled over from the UK. As this was their inaugural Festival I was unsure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at what an awesome event this was. A friendly festival team welcomed us into a well facilitated screening venue with a top selection of films. I met filmmakers over from the USA and Europe and we regularly hung out at the venue watching many shorts and features. The festival team are all filmmakers and actors from the industry and it was really good to chat to them all. This really is a grassroots film festival produced by filmmakers for filmmakers. During the screening of my film we had a Q&A session that I really enjoyed. As well as filmmakers attending a lot of locals had were at the screening and we became friends with many during the festival. The Awards night was held at the venues cafe bar and was a more laid back affair, this was refreshing to see. The closing ceremony was well thought out with comperes, music and plenty of laughs. A chance for everyone to unwind, integrate and celebrate the work we had seen. Yvonne Catterfeld was also hosting the awards, a well known German Female Actor and singer. Yvonne and the festival team made the closing ceremony so much fun.
She spoke to all the filmmakers personally afterwards and had watched all the films as well. A brilliant end to a great festival. IFAB is definitely one to watch out for, a new festival that will definitely grow and become very popular with filmmakers and audiences. I have attended many Film Festivals and what struck me with IFAB is its strong identify, ethos, values and warmth. IFAB is a festival born to nurture and support filmmakers and this will be its success. IFAB coupled with the stunning City of Berlin is a festival I will definitely be going back to and would recommend to filmmakers and audiences alike.
Mark Pressdee, Director (Titanic Love)